Official Postcard Mailed To: A.G (South Africa)

Distance: 7,745 km 
Sent: 18/Mar/2016
Received: 19/Apr/2016

Postcard Id

Official Postcard To: Alix (Usa)

Distance: 9,891 km 
sent: 27/Mar/2016
Received: 16/Apr/2016

Postcard Id

Official Postcard From: Lucia (São Vicente)

My First Official Postcard From- Cape Verde

Beautiful Stamp

São Vicente,  also Son Visent or Son Sent in Cape Verdean Creole, is one of the Barlavento islands of Cape Verde. It is located between the islands of Santo Antão and Santa Luzia, with the Canal de São Vicente separating it from Santo Antão ,


Official Postcard From: Nicole (Middelburg)

My First Official Postcards From- Netherlands


Middelburg: is a municipality and a city in the south-western Netherlands and the capital of the province of Zeeland. Situated on the central peninsula of the Zeeland province, Midden-Zeeland (consisting of former islands Walcheren, Noord-Beveland and Zuid-Beveland
it has a population of about 48,000


Official Postcard Sent To: Suky (China)

Sent: 18/02/2016
Received: 10/03/2016

Postcard Id: DZ-8820

Official Postcard Send To: Insa (Germany)

Sent: 18/02/2016
Received: 11/03/2016

Postcard I: DZ-8816

Official Postcard Sent To: Tatiana (Belarus)

Sent: 18/02/2016
Received: 27/03/2016

Postcards Id: DZ-8819