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Official Postcard From: Sirkka (pori)

Distance: 3,256 km
Sent: 28/Aug/2016
Received: 29/Sep/2016

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Postcard Show: The Girl wants the moon from the Sky (2002) ❤❤
By: Olavi Hurmerinta .


Official Postcard From: Airi (Jyväskylä)

Distance: 3,444 km
Sent: 16/Jul/2016
Received: 28/Aug/2016

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Official Postcard From: Maria (Oulu)

Distance:  3,685 km
Sent: 12/May/2016
Received: 4/Jun/2016
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Oulu :  is a city and municipality of 198,804 inhabitants (31 March 2016) in the region of Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland. It is the most populous city in Northern Finland and the fifth most populous city in the country. There are no larger cities (outside of Russia) that are more northerly than Oulu which is also considered one of Europe's "living labs", where residents experiment with new technology (such as NFC tags and ubi-screens) at a community-wide scale 


My First Official Postcard From: Finland

Distance:  3,514 km
Sent: 24/Apr/2016
Received: 16/May/2016
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About The Postcard:
The Light house Tankar
Prior to the construction of the lighthouse there was only the previously mentioned stone landmark and pole as well as a lit beacon maintained by the fi shermen. This was a small cabin with its windows towards the sea and a round fi replace in the centre of the room. Seafarers were able to take their bearings using the fi re’s light.